Open source SDK for Instant Messaging

Open source, and universal instant messaging components

OpenIM includes server and client SDKs, achieving high performance, lightweight, and easy-to-extend features. Developers can integrate instant messaging and real-time networking capabilities quickly into their applications by integrating the OpenIM SDK and deploying the server privately, ensuring the security and privacy of business data.

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The OpenIM developer community covers individual developers, startups, and large enterprises.



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Supports various Message types

Supports almost all message types such as text, images, emojis, voice, video, geographical location, files, quotes, business cards, system notifications, custom messages, and more. It supports both individual and group audio and video calls. Supported on iOS, Android, Flutter, uni-app, ReactNative, Electron, Web, H5.

Anywhere, anytime Efficient meetings

Integrated with 100% reliable IM signaling capability. A single meeting can support up to hundreds of video participants, with server-side audio and video recording.

Private and group chats for all Social scenarios

App administrators, group owners, group administrators, and regular members are supported. Features like mute, group announcements, group join verification, unlimited group members, and on-demand group message loading are available.

Unique Features

Supports self-destructing secret chats with custom durations. Message editing features enrich the social experience, making instant messaging diverse and more entertaining.

Advantages of OpenIM
Open source, and universal instant messaging components. One-click deployment, easy integration.
  • 01

    Open Source

    Core code is open source, with data under your control. Building a leading global IM open-source community, includes client SDK and server.

  • 02

    Easily Extensible

    The server is implemented in golang. With its unique 'everything is a message' communication model, custom messages and extended features can be easily realized.

  • 03

    High Performance

    Supports a layered governance architecture for clusters. Abstracts online messages, offline messages, and historical message storage models.

  • 04

    Full Platform Support

    Supports iOS, Android natively; Flutter, uni-app, ReactNative cross-platform; all major web frontend frameworks like React, Vue; Mini-programs; and PC with Electron.

Built on Open Source

The core of OpenIM—both the server and client SDKs—are always open source.

Demos for different platforms are available for reference:

Open source, universal Instant messaging components

Open source, and universal instant messaging components